The people powered fightback has begun…

Striking Indian workers on Feb. 28

It’s been raining all week in Melbourne. As summer’s heat is dampened, it’s easy to lose sight of all the good news about how people are fighting back against corporate power. Especially so because it goes largely unnoticed and unreported in the mainstream press. You might have missed it but something truly historic and monumental happened. On February 28, Indian workers across the entire nation staged the largest ever general strike – over 100 million workers stopped work, downed tools, and took to the streets. Continue reading “The people powered fightback has begun…”


@OccupyWallSt continues strong into a second week

The NYPD cracked down on Wall Street Occupiers on Saturday 24th September – there were around 100 arrests and some of the vision of police brutality is quite shocking.

Despite this the occupation continues. What is interesting is just how much the protesters are influenced by the Arab Spring, and the Spanish May 15 movement. See the video below: