A response to @pollytics

I recently read Possum Comitatus’ latest post, “Australian Exceptionalism”. And it’s been troubling me for a few days now, which must be the sign of a good post. Possum is a far more skilled blogger than I so I’ll leave it to the marsupial to give you the guts of the argument that Australia is:

[a] low tax nation with high quality, public funded institutions. A low debt nation with world leading human development and infrastructure. The wealthiest nation in the world where even though our rich get richer, our poor have income growth so extraordinary that it increases at a faster rate than the rich expect to experience anywhere else in the world but Australia. A nation where we enjoy the highest minimum wages in the world. Continue reading “A response to @pollytics”


It’s Equality, stupid!

Equality. It’s not a dirty word. Say it. Feel it roll off your tongue. For such a small word it really hangs in the air.

I read The Spirit Level last year, and I highly recommend checking out the website of the people who run the Equality Trust.

The more equal a society the lower the rates of mental illness. The more equal a society the lower the rate of murder. I could go on for a whole bunch of stuff from social trust to obesity.  Once a society gets to a certain level of wealth it’s no longer a question about gross national income but the quality of wealth distribution. I could go on further and explain with words but I think the short film with puppets below does a better job. Feel free to show it to your children or somebody else’s and brainwash them.

I believe in Equality. Equality as an absolute value – not some politically correct guff about “equality of opportunity”. Do you? Are you prepared to fight for it?