About My Blog

My name is Godfrey and I work as a Union organiser – I’m a full-time and professional rabble-rouser.

This is my blog about the fight to create a socially just, ecological sustainable and prosperous world.

My blog will cover three main themes – every post will in someway relate to at least one of these themes:

(1) Just how stuffed the world is today (and was yesterday and possibly tomorrow).

(2) What a socially just, ecological sustainable and prosperous world would look like. Let’s get a bit creative here people – I want to engage in some meaningful debate. We’ve been told that there is no alternative to a world of corporate control but we were also taught that we’re only limited by our imaginations.

(3) The road map to another world. This includes discussion about strategies and tactics for change, including debate about what sort of change is possible where – this is the spot to be honest, hard-nosed and realistic (and I don’t mean the sort of realism which holds against all evidence and reason that the world will forever remain unchanged). Here I will include (at least what I find) interesting news from various social movements and nations around the world.

All opinions expressed in my blog are my own personal opinions and should not be read as the opinions of any other organisation or group.

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6 thoughts on “About My Blog

  1. I have the same fascination with Standing; listening to his You Tube lecture I felt I was hearing the horn pipe of freedom, bearing witness to the injustice of commodified humanity and found most obscenely in the way that it has insiduously crept into the lives of children and the ethics of education. Do not think that it is only tertiary education that has been affected. The market forces of league tables produce a misaligned narrative about schools and identifies vulnerable students as negative equity. Children are at the mercy of educational leaders who are increasingly compelled to reinforce a marketing image over educational ethics and vocational values.

  2. What! A Union Organiser with a brain! Am I hallucinating?
    Congratulations! You give me “HOPE” that the Labor movement will one day emerge from the dense primeval fog the incumbent neanderthals seem happiest in.

    Some say I am far Right winged, but the reality is closer to the fact that Labor disappoints me far more than the Libs. I don’t take issue with Labors basic philisophy’s, but cannot reconcile them with the overt & substantial volume of corruption, cronyism and crass politics it exhibits (not that it doesn’t exist on the other side of the fence). It’s just that it set a high bar for itself, then falls far short of it. So disappointing.

    I don’t have a problem with Unions, 4however I do have a problem with the patronising & deceptive manner they play politics.

    I don’t believe they need to take this approach, but those in power are in Such a hurry and so desperate for it (for the wrong reasons) the quality of their message suffers badly.

    Therefore my disappointment drives me away from them and to the Right.

    I look forward to reading your future articles.


  3. Just read your May article “Calling a General Strike” and realise that you are in fact one of the “neanderthals” that have disappointed me. There is no doubting your intelligence, but the approach you apply to promulgate “your” agenda involves marshalling and “using” the politically disenchanted as “cannon fodder” in militaristic tactics in a games that sets Aussies against Aussies.

    You want to win a war through aggression rather than consensus through civilised argument.

    Sir! You are part of the problem, not the solution.

    1. It’s actually the antithesis of military tactics because at the heart of it is a democratic decision. People decide what peaceful actions they are prepared to save us from the violence of service cuts, exploitation and environmental degradation. Rather than “using” people, it’s about developing and empowering people to take charge of their lives and their communities

  4. Godfrey,

    I’m from the employer side of IR but I hate unfairness and bullies. Keep at Galati. You will find a lot more and his BS that they were employed by labour hire companies and now he is looking at legal action against them is laughable. Ripping off workers has been why he has been able to decimate the potato industry and force solid law abiding family businesses from this once thriving industry.

    Good work, the scales need to be evened so the good guys don’t get penalised by grubby thugs like this who pays 7 and The West to ignore his wrongdoings.

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