This Changes Everything


“If opposition movements are to do more than burn bright and then burn out, they will need a comprehensive vision for what should emerge in the place of our failing system, as well as serious political strategies for how to achieve those goals.” Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything, page 10.

Read this book. Read it now. Our economic system requires constant growth for its survival and its stability. And just like cancer, capitalism if left untreated, will end up killing its host. In this case it is the thin atmospheric layer that separates us from the vacuum of space. The time for surgical intervention is now.

The beautiful thing about This Changes Everything is that it not only honestly confronts the truth we all feel yet suppress but it goes further. It provides a glimpse of the civilisation that can emerge from our failing system, and the strategies that can get us there. No longer is climate change the ugly truth we are too fearful to confront. It is the challenger which poses a question to us all, a question that can no longer be postponed, do we stay on this road to barbarism or do we make the leap to deep democracy?

History has come to knock on our generation’s door. Will we answer?