What is to be done?

I feel I’m living in a moment where people all around me are waiting. Looking for a choice – attempting to come to a decision. In or out. Left or right. The choices are flowing past and through us, temporarily there to grab. Yet still we grow ever bluer; fearful that whatever choice we make will be “The Wrong One”. But as we wait the crisis grows closer.

The ground crumbles beneath…

and I

fear for us                                         to fly.


before we learn

Each of us knows now is the time to act. But the question remains, what is to be done? We are caught somewhere between the vanguard party and the vast planes of horizontalism – between a rock and no place. We need a structure to help us fly. But it cannot be the steel of yesteryear – it has to be far more flexible and capable of infinite replication without ripping the guts out of the natural world.

What we need is the silk of Darwin’s bark spider; tough, elastic, capable of enduring the extremes of a changing climate and so light that even the most oppressed can still carry it. A spider silk thread could span the Earth and still only weigh 500 grams.

We build a new world in silk; supporting us together when the ground has crumbled. This is the revolutionary web.


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