An Indestructible Union (Part 9)

After giving a brief outline of how the union movement can summon up the resources to fight and win technologically, I’d like to move back to the membership continuum. The campaign subscriber is of no real innovation if you’ve ever signed an internet petition or donated online to a cause. It’s pretty standard campaigning stuff. Unions, you know, just need to actually do it. It’s the second step where things have the capacity to get really interesting – that’s the community membership. Continue reading “An Indestructible Union (Part 9)”


An Indestructible Union (Part 8)

“What can we do today so that tomorrow we can do what we are unable to do today?” –¬†Paulo Freire

I’ve realised that the Indestructible Union project rests on one very key assumption: a high degree of software development capacity. So rather than ¬†progressing through the membership continuum and how it relates to that most under-rated bit of union infrastructure – the interactive and participatory 2.0 website – I think I’m fairly duty bound to outline how such capacity could be made possible. Continue reading “An Indestructible Union (Part 8)”