An Indestructible Union (Part 7)

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to blog about it does it make a sound? A working website is now the most important piece of infrastructure a union has. As I’ve stated earlier the heart of the union is the conversations that occur between members – this is what brings workers to stand together. The website has an important role to play in bringing workers together across geographically disparate areas who might otherwise be critically linked by employer, industry or supply-chain connections.  There has been some background debate over the last few years whether the rise of the online world and social media has made organising easier or harder. For the purposes of this post, that debate is besides the point. It would be like arguing whether the printing press had damaged the aesthetics of book publishing, the world has moved on and the point now for those of us who are primarily interested in changing it is to adjust to a new reality. Continue reading “An Indestructible Union (Part 7)”