Lessons from the #baiadastrike about the 1%

I don’t know when, if ever, I’ll be able to write about what happened on the ground at the Baiada strike in Laverton. However, the events over the last few weeks were the first time I’ve had any significant position of responsibility in a campaign where the 1% had definitively turned up and started batting for the other team. What I’d like to share are a few of my preliminary thoughts on taking on this network of elites across private industry, public relations, parliament and the law. Continue reading “Lessons from the #baiadastrike about the 1%”



I have not been able to post regularly lately as I’ve been extremely busy with Baiada Poultry in Laverton for my day (and now all night) job.  So I would like to apologise for not posting more regularly.

On Friday afternoon Baiada sought and was granted an injunction in the Supreme Court of Victoria against two defendants; (1) the National Union of Workers, and (2) myself as an individual. As such I will not be blogging, until I receive any advice otherwise, about this dispute either.

If you would like to educate yourself about all the issues over and above vulnerable migrant workers being called “union thugs” go to www.nuw.org.au