Flexible and unemployed

The lack of a job, and insecure employment even when you can get it are hallmarks of our generation.

Some of us are lucky to have permanent jobs but we’re kidding ourselves if we think this is a shared experience. I’ve got a couple of links here that explore this generational trend and its possible consequences.

I’ve got a couple of quick links here (both to the Guardian).

1. The first is a video by John Harris, “Barely making ends meet in the flexible labour market“. Australia has an ever higher rate of casualisation that Britain and you can’t help but wonder what will happen the next time we experience a recession. On the positive side, it does make me look forward to Guy Standing’s upcoming work “The Precariat: the new dangerous class“.

2. The second piece is Don Tapscott’s, “The world’s unemployed youth: revolution in the air?

So what do you think of the political consequences of all this insecurity? And what do we need to do?

I know I’ve been a bit slack so there will be two posts this week.


3 thoughts on “Flexible and unemployed

  1. Yes, I think you’re right on with this one.

    In Japan the “urban precariat” is already starting to organise and find a political voice, and protest against the outrageous conditions there for casual labour.

    Thanks for those book links, I’ll be interested in them. Essentially to me I think casualisation of work represents a clear betrayal of the “post-war consensus” that hard work and getting along in welfare-state capitalism would deliver you a comfortable and secure life in the end.

    Don’t forget of course the sharply rising unaffordability of housing in Australia acting in combo with casualisation – a 1-2 punch that will indeed wake us (youth) up I think.

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