The Brutal Logic of the Working Class

The working class possesses a clear and brutal logic on the issue of immigration. They know the more there are of ‘them’ competing for jobs the less the wages will be for ‘us’. It’s a survival instinct that has driven Australian history since colonisation. Continue reading “The Brutal Logic of the Working Class”

Jamming people into the unemployment machine

Has anyone else noticed the flurry of news about unemployment in Australia? The unemployment rate dipped below 5%, and now Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott have both announced measures to get the long term unemployed back to work/stop dole bludging (depending your political point of view). What the WTF? If unemployment is going down then why all the heat and light? I thought we were getting on top of the situation.

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Flexible and unemployed

The lack of a job, and insecure employment even when you can get it are hallmarks of our generation.

Some of us are lucky to have permanent jobs but we’re kidding ourselves if we think this is a shared experience. I’ve got a couple of links here that explore this generational trend and its possible consequences.

I’ve got a couple of quick links here (both to the Guardian).

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Imagining something better

Thomas Friedman wrote, in The Lexus and the Olive Tree, that there’s “free market vanilla and North Korea”. Personally, I thought we were taught as children that our imaginations are our limits. I guess there are really only two choices about economic systems for as long as we think there are only two. You know what that means? It’s time to get our brain boxes on and start imaginifying something better. Otherwise we’re screwed.

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