First Post, are we already past it?

I’m 26, and I’m part of a special generation.

First, our generation was told we had to pay for our education.

Then we were told we had to fork out for higher rents or pay vastly more to own a home.

Then they told us we would have to work for less money and for longer hours.

Then we found out we probably wouldn’t live as long as our parents have or be as healthy as them.

Then they told us we would have to be the ones to pay off the environmental mess.

Lastly we started getting fired.

We’re the generation that has been taught to expect less – and we have no illusion that progress will magically make things better that they are. We know things are going downhill fast – the important questions are – can we pull things up before they hit the wall, and if so how?

For better or worse, by the time our generation is finished nothing will be the same. Either we’re a selfish bunch of wankers eating up the planet until it hits the wall or we’re going to turn it around – giving our species another chance. This is it, there is no third option. Only greatness or oblivion.

This blog is my own small attempt to make something of the situation we find ourselves in.

My blog will cover three main themes – every post will in someway relate to at least one of these themes:

(1) Just how stuffed the world is today (and was yesterday and possibly will be tomorrow).

(2) What a socially just, ecological sustainable and prosperous world would look like. Let’s get a bit creative here people – I want to engage in some meaningful debate. We’ve been told that there is no alternative to a world of corporate control but we were also taught that we’re only limited by our imaginations.

(3) The road map to another world. This includes discussion about strategies and tactics for change, including debate about what sort of change is possible where – this is the spot to be honest, hard-nosed and realistic (and I don’t mean the sort of realism which holds against all evidence and reason that the world will forever remain unchanged). Here I will include (at least what I find) interesting news from various social movements and nations around the world.

I’m going to set one rule for myself – posting at least once per week (I think I will regret that later).

So tell me folks – are things really this bad? If they are that bad, are any rational grounds for hope? Maybe we’re already past the point of no return. If we’re not, what do we do to avoid hitting the wall?

Let the conversation (or maybe only my monologue) for change begin…


7 thoughts on “First Post, are we already past it?

  1. yep! the world is running fast downhill, and I think it has a lot to do with people not caring for others. Their children must be at the front, their children must be first, and anyone in the way, well, god help them!
    People somehow think they are better than everyone else, and need to respect others, help others, and generally look out for others, or this world will be a horrible place for their little princess children to live in…

  2. yes it is really that fuck and its is worse then we realize, i look forward to reading each week and i will keep you informed as the the next actions,demos, rallys coming up.

  3. Generation Y, likes to whinge…. we are the fast food, 20/20, Jersey shore generation; we are more educated, have a higher standard of living and more opportunities than any other generation. Yet still we complain….. we demand everything to be handed to us on a silver platter…. the big problem is that the world seems intent on feeding this bullshit sense of entitlement; managers are all going to seminars and courses on how to get the best out of generation y, companies are trumpeting their flexible work arrangements, teachers have to call conferences when Prep children misbehave to help understand the child’s behaviour. Everything is done to protect us from the reality: ………. The world is a tough place.
    The only way to get anywhere is by working hard, just because you have done a law degree doesn’t make you any different from every other generation y wanker, you aren’t entitled to a corner office straight out of uni. There is no such thing as the easy option there is no easy way out ….. if you pump all your money into hedge funds or rely on debt to pump up what you can afford then house prices will go up or the economy will catch up eventually. I’m aware that the current financial climate or GFC is not solely the result of Generation Y but it is symbolic of the attitudes of the generation.
    You are not special, yes you can achieve anything you like just like your mummy said but what she didn’t say is that to achieve it you will need to work, there is nothing wrong with doing your time or putting the hard yards in a position which isn’t where you imagine where you will be in 5 years, in fact that is the way the world works. Show you can do it and you will be rewarded you will not enter a workplace hailed as the saviour, there are 100 other people just as good as you applying for the job so if you decide you’re too skilled or good to do a job, it will go to someone else…. or get moved overseas and that’s not a bad thing, its just the way the world works.

    Yes there is a whole heap of stuff wrong with the world, but look at the position we are in, we have no major wars or threats to our country, we have minimal unemployment, universal healthcare, unemployment benefits and accessible education for much of the country so we don’t get things that badly.
    Yes there is heaps to do but I guess the real question is do we love up to the caricature that our generation has become or break free from that stereotype and achieve something…. I wish I could say we’re up for it.

  4. Most people in a ‘first world’ country like ours are materially comfortable. That has become the goal of our public policy and the primary driver of government. But, it’s not just their fault – it’s that way because that’s what people want. Not vision and the future, but bread and circusses NOW!

  5. Nice work Godfrey! These are themes we need to be thinking about & finding a way to act on.

    I’m acutely aware of how lucky we are in this country, we have so much to be thankful for. But I think the resources we have & relative safety we live in means we have even more responsibility to keep working to improve things, both socially & environmentally.

    Yes, we have a social welfare system & that’s something to be grateful for. But it is far, FAR, from perfect. It’s under staffed and under funded. People who rely on welfare payments are often negatively stereotyped as “bludgers”, and yeah you might get a few bad apples in the line. But there are jerks in every walk of life & every strata of society. I don’t think that excuses a system under which people who have very legitimate reasons for needing support have so much difficulty accessing it.

    Yes we have medicare, but it doesn’t cover everything and it doesn’t always mean people can access good or even adequate treatment. So I wouldn’t call it “universal healthcare” just yet.

    Yes you have to work hard if you want to support yourself and have “success”. But the former doesn’t always lead to the latter. It’s a tough & imperfect world. The circumstances you grew up in, the financial position of your family, & physical & mental health factors have a huge influence. If you’re living comfortably in the middle & upper classes then it may be harder to see, but there are so many Australians who aren’t getting the fair go they deserve.

    People who aren’t as lucky as a lot of us are in this country are often too busy trying to keep a roof over their heads & food in their bellies to be able to fight for improvement. So if we are lucky & comfortable there is even more onus on us to work towards a better future for everyone.

    There is no Shangri La, no utopia. But there is hope for positive change if we work towards it. The consequences of doing this are much much more preferable than the consequences of doing nothing.

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